Tilt Over Hitch Mount with Extension Bar


  • 2.5" or 2.0" ID support tube with internal friction-free weight bearing surface which allows coax, cables, electrical wiring to be through-fed down the center of the tube.  Internal wiring allows mast to rotate without fouling guy wires.
  • 2.5" Support Tube will accommodate 2.25 - 2.5 inch OD mast sizes
  • 2.0" Support Tube will accommodate 1.75 - 2.0" OD mast sizes
  • Mast may be rotated or locked in place
  • Unique compression clamping design
  • Plated U-bolts & stainless steel hardware
  • Powder coated - black in color
  • Secured by U-bolts to draw bar projecting from vehicle receiver hitch
  • 10.5" hitch extension bar provides a smaller profile
  • 23" hitch extension bar allows for vehicles with large tires, open truck tailgates and open SUV windows.
  • Includes 1 support tube, 1 hitch extension bar and 2 square U-bolt kits